The Power of the Unseen

Most people don’t know who Lindon Leader is. The name Leader somehow even suggests that he’s someone we could follow, right? His influence on society is less “in-your-face” than someone like Mark Zuckerberg or even Albert Einstein. Lindon Leader contributes his gifts behind the scenes—but thanks to Google, we can at least see what he looks like. (He’s kind of cute, if you like older men.) He’s an award winning graphic designer.


Around twenty years ago, my dear friend Fran was working on my logo for my voice-training business. She brought me some great examples to show how powerful a logo can be—fully aware that the branding is as important as the singing lessons themselves. I’ll never forget my reaction to the FEDEX logo when she presented it to me. Of course, I didn’t catch the little arrow between the E and the X until she outlined it for me—it’s that cleverly placed. When it hit me that the arrow had always been there but I had never noticed it, I was overwhelmed with surprise. How had I missed it? Who had thought of this?


Fran went on to design an artsy, musical logo for my burgeoning business, but in actuality, she did more for me that day than just submit a comp for marketing purposes. She was a catalyst for my pursuit of the mysteries of Creativity, which has since become life-long.


Now, when I pass the FedEx truck on the street, my lips turn up in a smile. I get a warm colorful feeling. It’s not because Lindon Leader is cute, either. It’s because of what he and his brilliant logo represent. Sure, the arrow itself symbolizes the trip that delivers packages from point A to point B. Indeed, the arrow stands for accuracy and speed, which marketing experts intentionally included in order to pack in hidden depth. They knew that a subliminal arrow could reach us on a secret level. Ultimately, this hidden message is partly what undergirds the success of the company. The man behind the logo is a mini-representation of the same ideal. He may never be at the forefront but still impacts culture.


I get super excited at the thought of this. It may seem like much adieu about nothing—I mean, who gets excited about some painted image on freight? Most people wouldn’t mentally register if the truck had passed by, unless of course they were waiting for a delivery from Amazon. Why do I care so much?


The hidden arrow reminds me of the phenomenon of Creativity. It exemplifies how Creativity is moving us as a species from point A to point B, through medicine and scientific discoveries and humane relief efforts. The concealed emblem signifies the unseen force of Creativity that is always there, whether we focus on it or not.


Creativity is the force behind our ideas, our intuition, our curiosity—all unseen. Creativity connects us with our emotions, family histories, our dreams—and helps to transport those interior components to the exterior, from point A to point B. Most of the time, we aren’t conscious or aware that Creativity is at work. We are too busy at the grocery store, or tending to our “to-do” lists on our iPhones. But our individual journeys are still secretly propelled by Creativity and manifested in music and art and sometimes in relationships or a delicious stew. Our individual Creativity can take on many different forms and packages. Each time we problem solve or crack a joke, we are interacting with the unseen powers of Creativity.


Like the FED EX truck, Creativity delivers. We may be preoccupied with the tasks at hand, checking off boxes, focusing on what’s right in front of us, but beneath the surface, Creativity connects us with our hidden realm and packs meaning into our lives. What could be more exciting than that?