Creativist Testimonials

“All it took was a few sessions to show me how little I knew and how much more I was capable of. Creativity Advocacy techniques are far beyond anything I’ve studied before and she’s so wonderful to work with. She’s also helping me get over my fears… this has been invaluable to me.

As my coach says, “Dare to suck.” In other words, don’t be afraid of looking bad because that’s the only way you’ll ever improve and overcome your fears. I really can’t say enough good about what she’s done for me.”Joe Bright

“If it weren’t for my Creativity Advocacy coach, I would never have given myself the permission to sit down and write. My coach is gentle, but firm as she helps me face my fears, and gather the courage to create. When she is involved in a project, I know I will receive authentic encouragement and realistic deadlines. She holds me accountable to be true to myself, not only for my own development, but for what my art may one day mean for someone else.”JJ Pritchett

“After working with a Creativity Advocate for a short period of time, our daughter booked professional roles and it is our belief that what she learned was a major piece in getting her to the proverbial ‘next level’ as a performer/artist. After just a few sessions our daughter gained a greater confidence. These one-on-ones have been instrumental in helping her to develop a quiet confidence.”Emma Howard

“My Creativity Advocacy coach embraced my dreams and inspired me to write and record my own album, even before I could see the vision clearly. She skillfully re-kindled my creative spirit and voice, long dormant from years of neglect.  Her unwavering encouragement filled me with self-confidence as she expertly guided me through each step along the creative path of my album, note by note, phrase by phrase, song by song. Soon, the project took on a life of its own, with a momentum of its own, larger than the sum of its parts. She understood the creative process was a journey of self discovery: in helping me to create my album, she helped me transform my life.  My project would not have been written, sung, or produced, if not this constant creative involvement, encouragement and support. I am forever changed by the people and tenets of the Creativity Advocacy.”Deberah Myers Kroeger, "Power of the Mother"

“Carefully-crafted communication and discretion are her strengths, and she can successfully manage difficult situations with prudence and acumen. Ms. Urbanovich is very knowledgeable in creative theory and the encouragement of artistic imagination in composers, as she is an accomplished writer herself.”Dr. Floyd Moos, Assistant Superintendent, Vice President of Instruction, College of the Canyons Santa Clarita, CA

“This seminar reminded me that Creativity is a process of wonder and discovery that needs to be kept alive in each one of us… I was impressed with Rene’s ability to demonstrate through a simple activity, how working together, we can create something different yet beneficial to all.”Gloria Harrison, President, Crafton Hills Community College, Yukaipa, CA

“I left there feeling taken care of in a way that surprised me. The day was very full but instead of feeling drained, I felt energized. Students, artists, educators, entrepreneurs and our community at large would greatly benefit from the information, energy and inspiration the Creativity Seminar conveys.”Marilyn Nave, Associate Producer, film; author

“The experience was life-changing for many who attended the seminar. Rene’s approach is at once pragmatic and soulful. She is in touch with the importance of Creativity on both a societal and individual level, enlightening participants to its immense power to change the world and giving them permission to explore it.”Dominick Domingo, 10-year Disney Feature Animation Veteran, Professor, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

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