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Rene Urbanovich


With her BA in Creativity Studies, MA in Humanities and a Certificate in Post-Secondary Learning, Rene Urbanovich is passionate about the field of Creativity and has been presenting seminars for seven years to curious creative souls all across Southern California. Rene developed Creativity Advocacy to illustrate what diverse fields of science and art propose is the crux of CREATIVITY in our current era. Rene offers group seminars and private sessions in the Creativist Practice, specializing in artistic process, music, literature and songwriting.

Jimmy Urbanovich


Jimmy Urbanovich is a Communications Studies professor and blogger, expert in organizational communications, public speaking and critical thinking. A natural coach and experienced seminar producer, Jimmy presents at symposiums and offers private consults to folks who are looking to develop their individual voice and advocacy skills.



A veteran of both animation and illustration at top-industry venues such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and Random House, Dominick Domingo works as a Creativity instructor and art professor, as well enjoying success as a published author and award winning film maker. Dominick has been coaching and living the Creative process for over three decades and focuses on both internal and external processes, helping artists develop a project from inception to branding/marketing. His expertise lies in most story-telling genres: screenplay, film, illustration, and writing.

Jordan Urbanovich

Jordan Urbanovich

After receiving his BA in French from CSU Long Beach, Jordan Urbanovich hit the road and never looked back. Trilingual at 22 years old, young adulthood has seen him writing fiction in France, playing accordion through the Balkans, teaching English in Thailand, instructing yoga in Mexico, researching traditional spiritual practices of India and, most recently, implementing a creativity program in rural Jamaica with his non-profit media network, PRCPTION Travel, Inc. He finds passion in meeting new people, connecting resources & communities together, and supporting others to find their own path in life.

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