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Creativity Seminars, Coaching & Literature

We promote Creativity as a force to help humans interact with their own individual process and in turn contribute to the whole of culture. We perform seminars, interactive workshops, provide private CREATIVIST training for projects as well as offer certification for coaches.

Performance, Singing, and Digital Recording for artists of all ages

With Song offers singing lessons that can transform into performance opportunities, songwriting, digital recording to learn how to produce your own songs and demos, and more.

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Creativity Seminars

The Hour

A one-hour lecture focused on the precepts of Creativity.

The Workshop

A three-hour presentation-based lecture or interactive workshop.

The Symposium

For artists, performers, students, teachers, and organizations.

All seminars are customized to suit the distinct needs of the participants.

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Creativity Column

Rene Urbanovich’s blog for the advocacy of Creativity. If you would like to see more of her other writing, please visit her website.

  • Treat Life As One Big Audition
    This past week was probably the most chaotic seven days of my thirty-year stint as a voice teacher. Auditions popped up everywhere—Simi Valley’s Cultural...
  • The Dirty Secret of Creativity
    Some Creativity experts purport that in order to be deemed “Creative” one must be an expert in one’s domain, and then innovate something in...
  • How I Tackle Creative Blocks
    Wallowing. It seems to work for me. I know, it sounds silly, but I’m an expert on this stuff. Not only Creativity, but wallowing....
  • Divine Drivel
     When I worked with Bette Midler for a short stint in 2016, she affectionately called my Creativity Exercises "drivel." After all, she's an industry...
  • The Power of the Unseen
    Most people don’t know who Lindon Leader is. The name Leader somehow even suggests that he’s someone we could follow, right? His influence on...
  • Not-So-Empty Promise After All
    Last weekend I attended “The Music Man” for the umpteenth time in my career as an SCV voice teacher, in support of my 20...
  • Creativity and Ritual
    To embrace Creativity means to embrace change. Creativity has transformative properties—and who experiences these transitions more than a female? My hips changed from narrowed ballerina...
  • Creativity And Transcendence
    I love creative visualization as much as the next guy. I think it saved my life, in fact. Well, not my life, but my...
  • Creativity and Story
    Once again, I spent my entire weekend working—if you can call attending performances working, that is. I wasn’t really doing anything beyond sitting, but...
  • Creativity and Emptiness
    Going up to McGee Creek last weekend to feel the sunshine, see the stars, smell the campfire and sleep alongside the whisper of the...
    October was quite a chaotic month for me and my family. My daughter’s wedding was in the works so we housed over 25 guests,...
    We are smack in the middle of the holiday season, in which culture imposes the act of giving on just about everyone, everywhere. Advertisers,...

What happens in culture when
individual Creativity has run amuck?

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what people are saying

“If it weren’t for my Creativist coach, I would never have given myself the permission to sit down and write. My coach is gentle, but firm as she helps me face my fears, and gather the courage to create. When she is involved in a project, I know I will receive authentic encouragement and realistic deadlines. She holds me accountable to be true to myself, not only for my own development, but for what my art may one day mean for someone else.”
“I left there feeling taken care of in a way that surprised me. The day was very full but instead of feeling drained, I felt energized. Students, artists, educators, entrepreneurs and our community at large would greatly benefit from the information, energy and inspiration the Creativity Seminar conveys.”

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